June 4-5
Rhodes College, Memphis, TN

Gerry Byrne: Assistant Coach Univ. of Notre Dame (DI)
Jack Sandler: Head Coach Skidmore College (DIII)
Ryan Wellner: Assistant Coach U.S. Naval Academy (DI)
Dave Zazzaro: Head Coach Rhodes College (DIII)

Each summer 1000’s of players will spend 1000’s of dollars driving and flying across the country,  equipment bag slung over their shoulder, Mom and Dad dutifully supporting, encouraging and investing in their child’s aspiration to “play at the next level”. 

With 100’s of events to choose from and staffs stretched thin to cover these events the window of opportunity excel and stand out in front of the schools of your choice is shrinking. That window may be as small a coach at event X allocating one half of one game to see you or your club team play. 

How do you perform at a level, in that moment, to ensure that that coach, event binder perched on his lap in his $5 Wal-Mart Collapsible Canopy Chair will take his pen, bow his head and write positive notes about your son’s play? 

ByrneMethod Lacrosse Summer School aims to create a 36 Hour boot camp that brings laser focus to these 13 Skills (The Recruited Players’ Skill Portfolio)  by position (both obvious and some hidden) that will allow you to enhance your shot, defense & save % (obvious skills) as well as demonstrate hidden/”invisible skills” that only the trained eye of the college coach can see.



Midfield Examples:
  1. Shooting off Sweep
  2. Shooting off rollback
  3. Shooting off Alley Dodge
  4. Transferring ball cleanly forward to Attack under Pressure
  5. Rolling Back/transferring ball to M under pressure
  6. Clearing Through vs Middie Sweep/Alley/2 & 3 man action up top
  7. Attacking D on backside during slide/recovery
  8. Hunting Skips & Pogo Cuts & step downs-“Authentic” off ball action for yourself (whether you get ball or not)-Z Cuts
  9. Jump Cuts
  10. Defending above actions
  11. On ball D
  12. Slide D,
  13. 2ND Slide D
Attack Examples:
  1. Footwork for Dodge Set up
  2. Corner turns off pinned hands
  3. Question Marks
  4. Tangents to shots, feeds & rollbacks
  5. Wraparounds
  6. Dodge Bounce Redodge - attack Middle of Field
  7. Dodge Bounce Re-dodge - SKINNY
  8. Dodge Bounce Re-dodge - Rollback
  9. Sneaks and slice cuts
  10. Clear throughs & fades & reads
  11. Crease Choreography (follows, dives, pops, outs, snively’s)
  12. Riding Angles/Checks & Approaches
  13. Scramble Play
Defense Examples:
  1. Shedding
  2. Pivoting
  3. Sliding techniques-1st, 2nd, 3rd
  4. Approaches
  5. Double Teams
  6. GB Escapes
  7. Defending scariest dodges
  8. Clearing Language/Passes
  9. Defending alley, sweep, X, GLE
  10. Defending 2 man action
  11. Defending roll backs
  12. Off ball positioning, stance, language
  13. Defending GLE: Rocker, Skinny
Goalie Examples:
  1. Stance/Footwork
  2. Saves/Variety
  3. Communications/Team D
  4. Clearing Pass Portfolio (static, on the run, with pressure)
  5. Walking The Dog w/pressure
  6. Running a Clear with Language
  7. Playing rebounds (in cage)
  8. Playing Rebound/Participating in GB’s
  9. Clearing (from cage, wing. Top of box, )
  10. Escaping Riding Pressure
  11. Scariest shots (stepdowns, tangents, wraparound, crease quick sticks)
  12. Running 6v6 Team D
  13. 4 second read playbook
All Positions:
  1. Substituting through midline/sideline
  2. Midline GB’s for A, M, D