With the end of your season in the last few weeks you will need to keep your stick skills, agility and aerobic conditioning fresh.
(See the Nutrition and Training Tabs for running, lifting and eating plans).

See below for a quick 45 Minute Stick Skill Workoutthat when done 4-5 days a week will have you primed to perform at T99:


100 Righty Quick Sticks off of the Wall or Rebounder

100 Lefty Quick Stickes off of the Wall

100 Strong Handed Scoops off a Wall, Curb or rebounder

25 GB's and Turn RH to throw to a partner 15-20 Yards Away

25 GB's and Turn LH to throw to a partner

20 Over The Shoulder Sprint and Catch both RH/LH


10 Question Mark/Outside Roll Dodges from X and Shoot (both R/L)

10 Inside Roll Dodges from X (both R/L)

1V1's Vs D-Man: from X, from Wing


10 RH Alley Dodges with Overhand Shots On The Run

10 LH Alley Dodges with Overhand Shots On the Run

10 Sweep Dodges to Shot both R/L

10 Deep Alley Carries to Rollback Passes (both R and L)

1V1's vs SSDM or LSM


See ND's Practice Drill videos for defenseman stick skill and footwork drills. Go Under the NDLU Folder.

Ball Bag, Hockey Footy, Asterisk, Dodge Bounce Redodge are all good choices as well as looking to get 25-30 1v1's 3-4 times a week.


See ND's Practice Drill videos for Coach Fisher's Goalie Drills.
Coach Fisher has coached 3 straight All American Goalies at Notre Dame as well as T99 Alumnus Colt Power from ESD.

Goalies should be seeing 250 shots per week prior to T99/College