A Parent's Message About T99 2010


[college names omitted on request of parent]

Just wanted you to know that the 2010 T99 camp was the first time that the [college] coaching staff laid eyes on my son, Troy Smith.

They liked what they saw, made contact with us, then were able to follow him to a few other places where he was playing (MVP, 205 West, etc...). Because of your event, and the resulting contact, Troy will be playing Lacrosse for [college] as an incoming Freshman starting in the fall of 2011.

My wife and I can not thank you enough.

I would like to also add that most of the schools that were interested in Troy saw him for the first time at your camp, either in 2009 or 2010. The one that didn't see him, asked if he had attended your camp.

In fact, when one coach held his JR/SR Day of his top prospects, where he was able to look over his top prospects, all 4 of the Texas kids that were in attendance were first spotted at T-99.

Thanks for getting the word out about Texas Lacrosse, it is because of you and the exposure that you bring, that our kids are getting the chance to play at the next level.

(Originally posted 4/20/2011)