Below is an outline for a presentation I give to the parents at T99 every year. I strongly suggest everyone attend. This is an added feature/service of T99 and will give you an overview of the process from a player, parent and coach perspective. So while your son is stretching and getting ready for his game I hope you will join me in this presentation.

The Recruiting Journey: How, Why, When & Who
Gerry Byrne, Harvard University


  • NCAA Rules Govern This Presentation

  • Attempt to speak to D1, D2, D3 issues

  • Attempt to speak to 2014, 2013, 2012 situations

  • Cannot Speak specifically about Harvard

  • Cannot have a conversation with a PS-A

  • Take Notes/Ask Questions Anytime

  • “Absolutes” Are Hard to Come By as it is a fluid process

  • Aspiration for the highest level possible

  • Attempt to create some hypothetical scenarios

  • Applying my knowledge of Harvard, our competitors and my experience as a D2 and HS Head Coach


  • 60 x 45 = 2700 is D1 players (60 teams, 45 players on each team)

  • 40 x 40=1600 is D2

  • 200 x 40=8000 is D3

  • 45 divided by 12.6 scholarships* in D1 assuming fully funded

  • 40 divided by 10.8 scholarships*

  • 40 covered by Financial Aid (need, academic)

  • So….since you and your family will be investing time and money in the college search you need to determine how hard you will work, train, study and prepare to make it a reality


  • Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

  • We do not have a crystal ball

  • People are “creative” on their Q-Air’s/Resumes

  • Video Helps But Not Always Conclusive

  • Recruiting Rankings Don’t Mean Much

  • Admissions Leverage, Recruiting Timelines, Style/Messaging/$$ etc. all vary By School

  • A Truth can become a “Lie” Quickly

  • Daily Shifting Landscape

  • You are You, Not Someone Else


  • ________ is on a full ride

  • You are our #1 recruit……..

  • Early is always Better

  • A college coach oversees the admissions process and has 100% power/control

  • There is an unlimited amount of scholarship and aid for student-athletes

  • You decide whether you are a D1, D2, D3 player. You decide if you are a good student


  • “Initiating Contact”

  • Sept 1 of Start of Junior Year-Unlimited Emails/Letterscan be sent from a College Coach to a PS-A

  • July 1 Prior to Start of Senior Year-1x a week a call can be initiated from a college coach to a PS-A

  • Frosh/Soph Communications: Emails/Letters, Calls, Tone/Content-1X Mailing prior to Sept 1 of Jr Year

  • Texts-Who/When: Not until an NLI is signed

  • “Bumping”

  • Unofficial Visits vs. Official Visits

  • Commitments: Verbals, NLI, Financial Aid

  • Role of HS/Travel Team Coachin access to a PSA

  • Recruiting Periods: Dead, Quiet, Contact

  • Be “Appropriately” Aggressive


  • Lack of conversation between son/parents

  • Too Much/Not Enough Parental Involvement

  • Narrow List Too Quickly/Low Research

  • Visiting/Deciding when school is not in session

  • Not Knowing What You Can Afford for college

  • Not knowing what you can expect in Financial Aid

  • Not Doing The Scholarship Math-48 guys by 12.6

  • Not being timely or honest in communications

  • Gap between Parent/Player Wants/Goals

  • Making Decisions on Lacrosse Only

  • Not “Preparing With Urgency”


  • Style of Play

  • Chemistry

  • Player Size, Speed, Athleticism, IQ

  • Academics

  • Attitude

  • Parent/Player Relationship

  • Admissions Power/Shifting Timelines

  • Financial Aid

  • Distance/Weather/Campus Life

  • Tenure of the Coach

  • Creative Questionairres and Resume’s

  • Timelines of School X vs. School Y


  • Timelines of Harvard, UNC, JHU, UVA, Princeton vs Villanova, Lehigh, Bucknell vs OSU/PSU

  • Timeline for W&L v. Cortland, Salisbury v. Middlebury. Lemoyne v. Adelphi

  • What Feedback/Responses have you received? Where Do You Fit?

  • “You own the process/timeline, til you don’t own it anymore”


  • Do Have a Highlight Video

    • Don’t..

  • Do Show a Full Range of Skills

    • Don’t….

  • Do Make It About 10 Minutes Long

    • Don’t….

  • Do Include a ½ of a Game

    • Don’t….

  • Do Include Your Number, Jersey, and Other Identifying Marks

    • Don’t….

  • Do respond to every email and letter

    • Don’t….

  • Do include academic, references, test scores, future class schedule

    • Don’t…..

  • Do make it simple for us to read, watch, call, email, evaluate

    • Don’t …

  • Do Have Your Most Updated Grades Handy at All Time

    • Don’t…

  • Do have questions ready

    • Don’t…..

  • Do Scan Your Transcript

    • Don’t…

  • Do have ongoing conversations with your parents/Do provide insight on calls/email exchanges

    • Don’t….



  • How many players are you recruiting?

  • Where do I fit in this group?

  • What will be the Size of your class

  • What is your timeline like?

  • What are your Academic requirements?

  • What does it mean to Commit Early?

  • What is the Parents Role?

  • How are UOV determined? When?

  • Am I scholarship worthy/eligible for Fin. Aid


  • Committed JR/SR-”Get To Work”

    • Academically: Continue to develop study and preparation habits to transition to college work

    • Athletically: train your body to prepare to play against 21 year old. Train your mind to raise your game IQ (film, watch games, ask questions). Address shortcomings.

    • Get to know your future teammates

  • Uncommitted Seniors: “Know Yourself/Game”

    • Review contacts/depth of interest

    • Determine the fit of your level and academics

    • New video/updates academic and test scores

    • Walk on opportunities at a reach vs. “guarantee” at D2/D3

    • Love school/lacrosse vs. “Sweatshirt” prestige

  • Current Juniors: “Deep Breaths”

    • Contrast early September communications vs. November feedback/collect new video

    • Show grade and SAT/ACT improvement

    • Don’t Panic, Ask key questions again & again

    • Develop core skills

  • Current Sophomores: “Stay Young & Pure”

    • Have fun, work on the shortcomings in your game

    • Don’t focus on the destination but the journey

    • Show academic growth from 9th to 10th grade

    • Prep for PSAT/PLAN/ACT/SAT

    • Play!

  • Current Freshman: “Play, then Play Some More”

    • Learn and apply study habits/time management skills

    • No need to speed up the process, have fun playing and working on your game


  • 7am: breakfast

  • 8am: team film session

  • 830-930: team lift/conditioning

  • 10am-4pm: class attendance

  • 430-630-Practice

  • 7pm-745pm-Dinner

  • 8-10pm: Study Hall/Tutor/Project Meetings

  • 10-Sleep/Social Time


  • June 1-August 20-Summer Conditioning Plan

  • Sept 1-Mid October-Fall Practice and Strength and Conditioning-5X a Week

  • November 1-Mid December-NCAA Proscribed Training

  • Mid December to Mid January-Holiday Training Manual

  • Mid Jan to Memorial Day: Practice, Film, Lifting, Conditioning, Team Activities, Travel