Advice for Parents on the Process

  • Lacrosse Magazine article written by Dom Starsia, UVA Head Coach, speaking about his son's experience in recruiting and at Lynchburg College where he chose to go.

Building Your Recruiting Plan of Attack

  • A timely article from Lacrosse Magazine about what player's should do and not do when creating their communications and summer event plan. Great insights and comments from top coaches in D1, D2 and D3

Campus Visits

  • A great article on Official and Unofficial Visits to Schools of Interest 

Classic Pete Lasagna: Thoughts on Recruiting

  • Current Head Coach at Bates College, former D1 Coach of the Year at Brown and Inside Lacrosse writer waxes poetic on the summer recruiting trail and evaluating talent

Division 3 vs D1 & D2

  • Super article from Lacrosse Magazine about the differences in recruiting, scholarships, financial aid and admissions for athletes in D3 vs D1 and D2 (who both can offer scholarship aid for lacrosse).

Explosion in Division 3 NCAA Programs

  • Super article from Lacrosse Magazine about the growth in NEW D3 programs across the country and finding players who love to play, want a small school experience and be a part of a new program and the opportunities that come with it.

NCAA Eligibility Requirements

  • Great article from Lacrosse Magazine with the steps, procedure and requirements to meet NCAA Clearinghouse eligibility 

NCAA Programs Academic Grid

  • A Matrix of D1, D2 , D3 NCAA programs with costs, admissions requirements, size, location, average SAT and more. NOTE: this document is a few years old but still very helpful

NCAA Recruiting: Do's & Dont's for Prospective College Athlete

  • Published by the NCAA, it outlines academic eligibility and clearinghouse requirements and more. A must read for parents 

Recruiting Process Overview and Timing

  • Classic and well written article that gives a GREAT overview of the timelines, calendar, process, journey and decisions that parents, coaches and players need to make. READ THIS FIRST AND OFTEN!

The Scholarship Myth

  • A great article from Lacrosse Magazine about lacrosse athletic scholarships vs. financial aid and the finite amount of $ available in the sport of lacrosse. A must read!