Trainer and Medical Attention before during and right after each day at T99

Procedure for pre-playing treatment (taping etc.):

  • 1 hour before play starts in the Athletic Training Room (ATR) located on the lower level of the gym

Procedure for injuries during camp:

  • Accessible by either cell or walkie talkie for injuries during the camp.
  • Walik-ins the to ATR are accepted.
  • All injuries will be evaluated and treated according to the severity of the injury 

Procedure for a camper to get with you after camp:

  • Trainer will be in the ATR (Athletic Training Room) for 30 minutes after play is over.

Trainer will be accessible by cell/walkie talkie during camp. 
He will be in and out of the ATR throughout the day making rounds at each field, checking the water stations, etc. 

If a player needs to be re-taped, post-play ice, etc, go to the ATR

There will be walkie talkies at each of the ice/water/Gatorade stations. There will be a small medical bag with a walkie talkie to contact me 

There will be an AED on my cart, in the ATR, and one in the gym lobby

J. Kent Johnson, ATC/L, CPT, SAQ-I
Athletic Trainer
Greenhill School
Cell: 972-816-6246