At the end of each T99 we send a questionnaire to all 4 of our key participants: HS Coaches, Players, Parents and College Coaches. We solicit their input and get their ideas and suggestions to improve the T99 experience each year. Below are some of the raw/actual comments from the last few years from players, parents and college coaches:

My son played at T99 as a sophomore and as a junior. He will play for VMI next year. T99 helped with that process and is the best recruiting venue in my opinion.

- Glen Sanders on Facebook, January 2013

Coach -

Overall I thought the event was a huge success – very well organized and well run.  I was a little frustrated/disappointed with the execution of the Sunday morning D3 meet and greet – the room was extremely small and, as I’m sure you have been told, very HOT.  It would have been much more effective ifthe session was set up in the gym and there was air conditioning. That being said, we were able to meet and speak with almost all of the schools that we had hoped. I am only sorry that we were not able to participate last year as I’m sure Justin would have benefited from the additional experience.
I must say that the experience with T-99 was a MUCH more positive one than the Adidas Texas All- American tryouts the night before !

- Jamie Corwin, Vista Ridge Rangers Lacrosse, Parent, 2010

This was the second year for Carder and I thought this year went very well. Maybe one less game on the second day would be good. Even these seasoned Texans are not quite used to the heat this early in the summer. Carder got a lot of attention and was the only goalie on his team which was great! T99 has always been a positive thing for Carder and his friends seemed happy too. I think some of the more advanced players do not realize how good t99 is and think that North East is always better-not the case. It was well attended by college coaches-even on the last day! Thank you for all of your hard work!

- Leslie Nastri, Parent, June 2008

T99 was the best ever last year! Thank you for letting Will Merritt be a part of it. Will is graduating this June, so he will not be participating this year.

- Julie Merritt, Parent, 2010

I want to thank you for all your efforts to organize the T99.  We are thrilled that Austin got a chance to come.  He had fun and is inspired, both about lacrosse and beginning his college search.  I hope we will see you next year too.
Thanks again,

- Joy Lucke, Parent, 2006

Coach Byrne,
Congratulations and thanks for a tremendously positive T99 experience! And thanks too, to the wonderful folks at Greenhill who delivered 3 playing fields in the best possible condition and kept the players well watered and fed under some good ol' North Texas heat.
From St. John's School - Houston, we sent 9 players; 6 rising-Seniors (2 Attack, 1Mid, 2 D's, 1 Goalie) and 3 rising-Juniors (2 Mid, 1 D). The boys were spread over 6 of the 12 teams, with only 2 of the teams having more than 1 SJS player. With all 3 position groups represented, we got a good de-briefing from them as follows.
They liked the team size of 18-19 players. With 20 min. running-time halves, they were more than happy to get plenty of field time and get a feel for their team mates,with fewer substitutions. 
They loved the teaching sessions and team practises led by the College coaches. Naturally, they were anxious to experience coaching technique from the "next level" and they were excited by the greater attention to detail delivered by these coaches. At this stage in their development, they are looking for those little nuggets that refine their technique and perhaps produce an edge, and the College guys delivered!
Aside from the difficulties produced by the heat, they liked the number of games, but would have preferred a round-robin format whereby they could measure themselves against All of the talent represented. From a parental perspective, I thought your panel discussion was great. The recruiting process is evolving at great speed and all who spoke gave us their best, up-to-the minute assessment of what's going on and where to find the resources. Couldn't ask for more!
Again, Coach Byrne, you've got a great product with T99. We look forward to sending our best and brightest to you again next year. And when the location rotates back to the Houston area, please don't hesitate to call on the St. John's lacrosse families for facility support. It would be a pleasure to host your event. 

- Lawrence Daniel, Parent, 2008

Last summer was his first trip to any of the Recruiting Camps. He attended T99 and TOP 205 West in the summer and then the Adrenaline High Rollers camp this Fall.

What I wanted to communicate is that out of the three camps mentioned above, T99 seemed to be by far the best run and most well attended by the coaches.

- Franklin Byrd, Parent, 2011


The T-99 Lacrosse Combine went well.  I asked my son, Colby, if he had and complaints and his answer was, "NO."  My thanks to all of the coaches and volunteers that made this an enjoyable happening.  See you next year.  Good Luck this season.
- Ray Hunt, Parent, 2008

Thank you, Coach, for putting on a great camp.  I could tell it was a lot work, and that you, and your staff, were in it purely for the benefit of the players.

Hopefully we'll see you again next year.

- Alex Gonzales, Parent, 2008

Just wanted to say many thanks for a terrific weekend!  The whole event was really well organized and very professional. 
It has been a very positive experience the last two years for my older son and I hope to be able to return next year with my younger son.
In the meantime, hope you have a great season and again, many thanks.

- Leslie Kiefer Amann JD, Parent, 2008


Just a quick note to thank you and your team for a job well done concerning this weekend’s T99 event.  The execution was flawless and the information sessions very eye opening.

My son, Tad, a goalie, really appreciated the opportunity to play and meet some new folks.

Thanks again.

- Mark Schmidt, Parent, 2008

Coach Byrne,

I wanted to send you a personal thank you for coordinating such a successful and organized event. Thanks to you, I have received numerous letters from both Division I and Division III programs interested in recruiting me. Best of luck with your recruiting efforts and if you are ever looking to put a Texas player on the Fighting Irish roster, don't hesitate to call me, because the next thing I will ask is where do I sign.
Many thanks,

Travis Tabb, Cy-Fair Lacrosse, 2007

Hello Mr. Byrne,
My name is Thomas Moore, and I would like to thank you for allowing me to attend T99. The camp proved to be an excellent experience in understanding the recruiting process. I especially enjoyed your talk about recruting and hope that you continue the talk next year.
Thank you for spending time watching Texas lacrosse,

- Thomas Moore, Player, 2007

You run a great event.  Your organization is impressive. Greenhill was great.

- Jamie Munro, Former Denver University Head Coach, President, 3D Lax, 2007

It was my pleasure to meet you at the T99 tournament over the weekend.  My son, Ryan, had a great time, despite arriving late Saturday after the SATs.  He had competed with the TD Lax team last summer, but this was the first of the "combine" camps he had done.  He assimilated quickly with his team and let with a huge smile on his face.  You did an impressive job organizing the event, and quickly adapted to best use yesterday morning during the storm.  Your comments were helpful and instructive.  Please enjoy your travels and the remainder of the summer.  And thank you.

- Stephen Cordill , Parent, 2007


Thanks for this past weekend.  The 2006 T99 was run extremely well and I feel that all attendees gained a lot from the weekend.  JJ was worn out by the end and came away feeling that he represented Texas lacrosse well.  Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future.

- Jim Rowan, Klein Lacrosse, Parent, 2006

Thanks for this email as I did not get the previous one.  My son and his team mate said this was the hardest two days they ever spent.  They both acknowledged that the other players were very talented.
My son, Jeff,  said he struggled to keep up the first morning but by noon he had learned how to adjust his playing to be more competitive.  Understanding the need to adjust his playing and then doing it and performing better was a leap in competitive maturity that was worth the entire two days.
Thanks for my son's experience.  Look forward to seeing you next year.

- Maureen Appleton, Parent, 2005

Once again, thanks for a very great weekend. On a more personal note, it had a very positive impact on Austin. A coach telling him how important grades and appearances are seems to sink in more than when it comes from his father.  His attitude has changed so dramatically that his mother called me Monday to ask what kind of "come to Jesus" meeting I had with him. You don't know how much I appreciate that.
- Richard Fennema, Parent, 2005

My son (Matt Moran) attended the Texas Top 99 last weekend and I wanted to drop you a quick note. He and I were very impressed with the entire weekend. I sat in on your recruiting presentation and found it very helpful. Matt mentioned that he learned a few things during the drill/teaching stations with the coaches. That in itself is a big plus when attending a recruiting combine.
Even if Matt receives no post camp attention... just having the opportunity to be evaluated by that large of a number of college coaches will be a memorable experience for him.
Take care and good luck.

- Mike Moran, Parent, 2005

Thanks again for this weekend.  I'm not blowing smoke when I say that I was really impressed.  There are a few kids that we could definitely use.

- Andy Shay, Head Coach, Yale University, 2005

Sean has done many camps in the past and T-99 was a great experience for him to have gained more knowledge about lacrosse and the recruiting process. We want to thank you for your hard work in putting together such a great camp for all the Texas boys.  T-99 is a great learning experience as well as exposure in front of all the college coaches for every player that attends. Also, having the all star game was a wonderful addition. Please continue to bring your great experience and knowledge to this area. Thank you again.

- Katie Leon-Troche, Parent, 2009

This was our second visit to T99 and our last, because Trevor is a rising Senior. We’ve been to a handful of recruiting camps and this year’s T99 kicks off a series of six this summer. That being said, we were equally impressed with the organization of so many teams. There was no confusion, every game was timely, the food was good, fabulous amenities and thorough communication throughout.  I befriended a mom whose son just finished his freshman year and commented on how organized the event was. We have close friends who’s older son attended the first camp in which four teams participated.  The ONLY suggestion I have is probably a difficult one to execute because of the tight schedule. I wish there was some way the  boys could hear your recruiting presentation. Both times it was very informative but it would be “driven home” if the boys could hear the Notre Dame coach talk about what’s REALLY important. Coming from a parent doesn’t have quite the impact, especially when they are feeling anxious about the day’s events.

We really enjoyed the All-Star game! Trevor was contacted by four coaches w/in 24 hours of us getting home and has invitations to visit their campuses. Thank you for a fabulous event and if we have any suggestions after attending the next five camps, we’ll “shoot them off to you”!

 - Sandy and Rob Sieracki, Parents, 2009

My son attended the T-99 last week and we truly had a great weekend.  The event was well organized and attended and you kept everything on schedule. Greenhill school is beautiful, well laid out, an excellent venue and the weather cooperated albeit a little warm in the afternoon, but that’s Texas.
The only suggestion is that you give the players the same talk you gave to the parents on Saturday morning about what it takes to get into a college program.  Wasn’t anything said that we had not already heard and tried to communicate to our son, but as you noted, communicating to one’s own child is difficult at best.  It would have been great for the boys to hear from you that it takes grades, SAT scores, character, and the ability to play lacrosse.  Being good at playing lacrosse does not necessarily mean you get into a collegiate program. It takes more.  The only “full rides” are at the military academies and there are additional obligations that go along with that as we all know.
So, it was a great weekend and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Excellent program.  Thanks for putting it together.
Best regards,

Steve Slezak, Parents, 2009

I enjoyed T99 last year. It was an awesome camp. I am sure that all of Texas Lacrosse is thankful for your efforts in providing visibility for Texas athletes who otherwise would not get looks from top schools.

All the best,

Oliver Patten, Player, 2009

Thank you  again for the T99 Event this summer, It was amazing and so well run!  The level of players and the attendance of coaches from all over the country was very impressive, it exceeded our expectations!  Hy had a great experience and was personally contacted and invited for visits by several coaches of all three Division Levels.

 - Mary Byrd, Parent, 2010


My son, Spencer Rhyne, graduated from high school last year in Austin.  He is currently at Marymount University playing lacrosse.  His exposure occurred at your T99 camps as a sophomore and junior.  Thanks for getting these southern athletes exposure and opportunities to continue their lacrosse careers.  Also, please remove me from your email list for future camps.


- Robert Rhyne, Parent, 2008


Sorry to reply so late to your email.

Zach (a rising junior at St.Johns)  had a terrific experience at T-99!  Matter of fact, so did I. We both learned a ton and had a great time. I am particularly grateful for the quality time I was able to spend with my son that weekend.  It was also really great for Zach to play on a team with other Houston kids.  The experience taught him that Episcopal and Kinkaid kids aren't so bad after all.  That was a wonderful benefit.  Part of the beauty of lacrosse is the fellowship of the players.

Zach grew as a player gaining more confidence in his abilities and judgment.  I believe that T-99 was a super way for both of us to begin the college recruiting process. He is now more motivated than ever to raise the level of his game and play college lacrosse.  We are indebted to you and Sam Chambers for making this opportunity available to Zach.

I am certain that my son will look forward to returning to T-99 again next summer.

I might add that the size of the teams (i.e.# of kids) was fine by us.  As a midfielder, Zach got just the right amount of playing time over the weekend.  Also, the "Recruiting-101" hour on Saturday AM was very informative.  I have a much better handle on how to counsel and advise my son after that venue. I enjoyed visiting with Tom Kovic as well one-on-one.

So, thanks for a great weekend and keep up the good work.  Zach will attend Elite 180 at Keene State this weekend.  He will be I think better prepared and more confident because of his participation in T-99.  In July, he will play for the TD Lax team at Champ Camp.

See you at Premier Players LC in Dec. or next year at T-99!

- Jeffrey Gaitz, MD, Parent, 2008

    -- Below is a follow up from March, 2011 -- 

Hi Gerry,
You are welcome to use my email on your website.  Zach attended T-99 post sophomore and junior years.
Both camps were valuable and enjoyable experiences for him.
He is now a freshman at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Ct. playing for Coach John Raba in the competitive NESCAC. 
Zach really loves playing college lacrosse in every way.  His first semester was a successful one in the classroom as well.  T-99 was critically important to preparing him for other camps, tourneys, etc. that gave him the confidence to pursuit his dream.
Thanks for all you did to make this opportunity available to my son.

- Jeffrey Gaitz, Parent, March 2011


I think the event was very well organized. I have been involved with my childrens' sports for 16 years. You can't please everyone and let's hope that this event was not the only venue the player uses to show their talent. Being a Hoosier, I commend you for all of your hard work and that of the entire group.

- Bonnie Reagan, Parent, 2008


T99 is without a doubt a great showcase! I would also add that the caliber and quantity of coaches that attend is impressive compared to many of the events our son has attended. I can only imagine it enticing more and more coaches as the sport grows and the Texas LAX players become more appealing.

  • *Concessions- great
  • *Facilities- great
  • *Staff- great
  • *Team coaches- great
  • *Sign in/registration- great

In my opinion the event is damn good and the TX lacrosse community should be grateful to have an event of this caliber "in our backyard."

- John Lucas, Parent, June 20, 2010


In response to the survey questions, I think this is a fantastic event.  It is one of the most organized and well thought out recruiting events that I go to each year.  Thank you for taking such pride in presenting a phenomenal showcase.  I hope all is well and see you on the trail this summer.

- Chris Miller, Assistant Lacrosse Coach, Virginia Military Institute, 2010

Overall the organization of the event and the facilities were outstanding. Well done Gerry.


- Tim Ronstadt, Parent, 2008

Wanted say thank you and “great job” this weekend! 
The boys from Clear Lake had a great time and were excited to get to play with such a diverse level of player.  My son Patrick had a wonderful time and got to meet a lot of players that I am sure will manifest into lasting Lax relationships.
As a coach, being able to go and listen to the Collegiate coaches as they critique talent and teach on the field was an incredible experience!  As a parent, meeting so many other parents who have the same concerns and aspirations about their boys ability to thrive at the next level, left me with a sense that Texas Lax is very close to having players not only go to D1 programs, but start to contribute at that level. 
Again, thank you for taking on this task and you have done a brilliant job in the two years that Patrick has gone!  Clear lake will continue to send our players that have the ability and desire to continue their careers.

- John Furdon, Boys Varsity Head Coach, Clear Lake Lacrosse Association, 2008

Dear Coach Byrne,
It was a pleasure to meet you last weekend at the T99 in Dallas.  I really enjoy playing with friends around the state in such a format.  I am sorry it is my last T99, and I will miss attending next year.  Thank you for all your efforts to put together the event, and the great things you have done for Texas lacrosse. 

- Ryan Hodge, Player, 2007

I thought the weekend was great.  Highest talent level since I've been coming (3rd year), in my opinion.  My only suggestion would be to give us the player's high school in advance.  For me, Sewanee has such strong pulls from a number of specific Texas schools, that I would want to make sure I took a good look at any player from one of those places.

- Marty Watters, Men's Lacrosse Coach, Sewanee: The University of the South

Coach Byrne,
Thank you again for hosting the T99 camp. It has helped me out more than anything in search of a college that I can play lacrosse at.

- Kyle Wilde, Player, 2007

The mark of good management is performing well when things go according to plan. The mark of GREAT management is adapting to the unplanned and still pulling it off. You guys were great in reacting to the weather and the field conditions and still creating an exceptional event for the kids. 
Thanks again, and great job.

- Rex D. VanMiddlesworth, Parent, 2007

Coach -

Just wanted to thank you for setting up the T99 at The Woodland's last weekend.  My son, Chris Wilson, very much enjoyed meeting everyone and playing w/ all all the top ranked Lacrosse players in Texas.  I also very much appreciated meeting you and spending some time w/ you at the Q&A session -- very informative and insightful.  Thanks again for putting this all together.


- Jeff Wilson, Parent, 2006

Thanks again for all of your hard work to make this event happen!  Rhett IV has been fortunate enough to participate the last two years and you have done an outstanding job of organizing the event and getting an impressive list of coaches to attend.  Thank you for all you are doing to support our “guys” and Texas lacrosse!

 - Rhett A. Miller III, Parent, 2005

Hello Gerry,
First, I would like to thank you very much for all the incredible work and organizing that you put into the TX-99. That's a lot of folks to contend with & it was structured well, informative & provided an impressive avenue for players and coaches as well as parents. THANK YOU A BUNCH!

- Patsy Clark, 2006 Parent


Thank you so much for all of your hard work last weekend and for all of the weeks/months of preparation for T99. Sorry it was so hot, but nothing to do about that. George and I certainly enjoyed your parents meeting as well as watching the boys for an hour or so. You do such a great job with that meeting by spreading your positive message about the game. Avery had a blast.

- Libby Alcorn, 2005 Parent


Your note today asked for feed back concerning last weekend's T-99 camp. Given that opportunity, I wanted to thank you (and through you, the coaches) for everyone's time and incredible effort. It was truly a great experience and a treat to see so many coaches and talented players in one place. 

- Dawn Clements, Parent, 2005

A quick note of thanks for all your hard and detailed work evolving T99 into one of the many great recruiting combines.
This year was terrific.  Good talent, good coaches, great location/facilities, good weather, took great care of the coaches (food/drinks etc.)  overall great value to the parents and players.  I hope each coach walks away with 1 recruit from the camp.
Best of luck and let me know next time you are in Dallas, I will buy you a beer.

- Mark Purcell, HS Coach

Let me first say that Tyler was thrilled to attend T99 this past weekend. He enjoyed the competition and saw some things he needs to improve on. My only regret is that he did not attend this camp in the past.

- Robert McClamb, Parent, 2009

I am a mother of a junior who had the awesome opportunity to attend this camp.  His first ever so we can not compare it to any other.  I can only share with you that he learned so many things and feel it gave him the tools to become a better player and is looking forward to his senior year with great enthusiasm!
Thank you,

- Nancy Ayala, Parent, 2009

Let me start by saying, I was very very pleased to be a part of such a well oiled machine. The camp was ran very smoothly.


You have done an amazing job and I hope to again attend in 2013 when Cannon (my now 11 year old) attends.

Thanks again for the experience. Robert will never forget.
- Terri Beight, Parent, 2009


Thank you Coach Byrne,
I have forwarded this to our head Coach, Chris Knight – Cedar Park Lacrosse.  My son, Rylan Gilley, attended your camp twice and, while he did not end up applying or enrolling at any of the teams that contacted him through your camp, he learned a lot about the process and also had some good conversations with coaches from schools where he ultimately did not apply either due to his decision or the coaches’ decision not to pursue him.  He also did get quite a few letters from coaches expressing various levels of interest.
He has committed to Western New England College – a team that had good success in Dallas this past week, beating Nazareth and Bowdoin.
Thanks for all you do in the T-99, it is a great thing for Texas lacrosse and has opened doors for many players who otherwise would not have had a look.   I personally appreciate your commitment to Texas lacrosse and appreciate all you have done for Texas players.
Best regards,

- Scott Gilley, Cedar Park Lacrosse Club, Parent, 2009

Just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a top notch event. This is the first one I have been to and you can be assured I will be at every one going forward no matter where I'm coaching. Great job!

- Joe Ernst, Southwestern University

Dear Coach Byrne,

Thank you so much for bringing all the college coaches to Texas. T99 was a great experience. I can't wait to go to the Notre Dame Rising Sophomore Tournament in July. I hope I get the chance to work with your face-off coach.
Sincerely yours,

- Jordan Schochet, Player, 2008 & 2009

Gerry -

Thank you so much for the effort you put into the T99 weekend. We were very pleased that Clayton (our son) was able to attend. He has already received an email of interest from a coach that saw him play at T99. 
The weekend was very well organized which I greatly appreciated. The food was good and plentiful. The packet of information was great and mapped out the days so that you did not have to wonder where you went next. The list of colleges you provided with the SAT scores, etc. was a great piece of information. 
All in all I felt the trip was well worth it, heat and all! Thanks again. 
- Rosemary Cruthirds, Parent, 2008


I'd been meaning to drop you a note of thanks. 

You might not remember me, I'm the guy originally from Rochester. Anyway, my son Trey has been to 2 of the Premier Players Camps and was at T-99 once. In HS he played with, and is good friends with, Taylor Brooks. While he had a few offers, his college decision came down to either Nazareth or Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Coach Mike Cummings made a great impression at T-99 and when we went to visit the campus. The academic degrees offered at SCAD really fit well with Trey's interests so that's where he chose to attend. While the lacrosse will not be anywhere near the level he could have played at another school, he really feels like he can help Coach Cummings build a perennial MCLA power.

Anyway, he probably would not have been exposed to SCAD had it not been for T-99, so we appreciate your help in facilitating that encounter.

Take care and keep up the good work!


- George, Parent, 2008

My compliments on the T99 event and keeping that many players scheduled and moving to different fields in a timely manner.  Overall, we were quite pleased with the event/weekend.  A few thoughts:

Thanks again for the opportunity and for all of the hard work by all in putting on and hosting this event--keep it up :-).

It was a fine program, and I know you should be and are proud of it.  We look forward to seeing you later this summer!

- Jeff Whittle, Parent, 2010

Thanks for the communication. Parents love communication and information!
Other than the heat, I thought it was a fantastic event. Dave Leach and Nick Berry did a great job of coordinating and directing in your absence. The coaches were friendly, communicative and engaged. That gave me a lot of comfort that they were really looking at the play and not just enjoying the Dallas nightlife.
My son thought the teams were divided well and he was pleased with the playing time arrangement, and as a goalie, that's not always the case as they like to play all the time. Non of the "teams" were disproportionately advantaged. Some of the talent was much weaker than you or the other coaches would have liked, but that does allow for the better players to shine. It seemed to balance well in the end. The All-Star game was a clear reflection of that axiom.
On a personal note, my son received a number of follow-ups from the camp already. Four D1 coaches and multiple D3's have emailed him. He has been very pleased to get that positive validation of his play and effort in his first event of the summer.
Congratulations on a tremendous year at ND.
Best Regards,

- Stuart Fitts, Parent, 2010


Thanks for a great T99 weekend. I wanted to let you know that I thought the camp was exceptionally well run – check in was easy, games started on time & the information package was very helpful. In particular, everyone representing the camp and Greenhill were friendly & knowledgeable, and made it a truly great experience.  
Thanks again for a great camp! 

- Laura Jeckovich, Parent, 2010

T-99 has been great for me. I have gotten contact from more than 7 schools so far, some directly from T-99 others from contact resulting from T-99. I would recommend it to any player in Texas who thinks he wants to play after high school. I would not have even started down the road I am now on if I had not gone to T-99 after my sophomore year and seen what was out there.

Thanks for all the effort it takes to get these coaches to come sit in the hot sun and watch us play.

- Connor Smith, Player, July 2, 2009

The T99 event held in Dallas, TX is a first class event, top to bottom for college lacrosse coaches.  The high level of organization and warm hospitality makes the weekend smooth and productive for any level collegiate lacrosse coach. 

- Chris Park, M.S., Assistant Athletic Director. Texas State University, 2010

Coach Byrne,

Firstly I would like to thank you for inviting Bellarmine to the T99 lacrosse camp. I would also like to thank you very much for being very welcoming to me as I am still a young and new to this whole process and sometimes feel out of place. I attended quite a few recruiting camps in the fall and never felt as welcomed as I did this weekend by Coach Fisher and yourself. Something else I really liked was the coaches dinners. I have never really got to meet any other coaches outside of competition and really enjoyed getting to know many more people in the lacrosse world. The camp itself was very good and I got a lot out of it. I really like the passion that the Texas kids have for the sport of lacrosse. The food provided to us was awesome and something you would never see at any other camps. Overall I think the camp was an excellent experience and we got a lot out of it.

Thank you so much for a great time. 
- Cam Adams, Asst. Lacrosse Coach, Bellarmine University, 2008


I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for allowing Aaron to participate in T99
I was impressed with how well the event was organized
Aaron really enjoyed the experience. In fact, he has been contacted by the Coach at Hendrix College in Conway, Ark and is seriously considering attending Hendrix next year. Hendrix is an excellent pre-med school. Aaron would have never thought to attend Hendrix without his participation in T99

Thanks for all your help

- Richard A Lammers, Parent, 2007

Dear Coach,

I am writing to give you my thanks for putting on such a quality event as T99. With this being my first year in attendance, I went to the camp with an open mind, and the professionalism with which the camp was run exceeded my every expectation. I also wanted to extend my thanks to you because, through T99, players such as myself are able to get the exposure to college coaches from across the country unlike ever before.

- Trey McKay, Player, 2007

I haven't done many of these things as a coach; however, I worked at a few when I was in college (NE premier/Philly Elite) and T99 definitely takes the cake from an efficiency/organization standpoint.
Greenhill was awesome, great fields and enough that you could see all players in one day.  If the weather had cooperated it would have been perfect on Sun. as well.

- Brendan Dawson, Salisbury University (currently Head Coach, Aurora University), 2007


I just wanted to drop you a note and personally thank you for such a tremendous event this weekend.  The pre-camp information was incredible, registration was flawless, and the participation of the college coaches was phenomenal.  My son Travis Tabb (CyFair, Red #4) was contacted by numerous coaches in all three divisions, as was I.  I can think of no other event that could possible provide Texas Lacrosse players with the accessibility to NCAA programs that T-99 provides.  I also though your presentation on Sunday, to the parents and players, was outstanding and went a long way in communicating the way the “system” works at the NCAA level.
Travis will also be sending you an e-mail today, but I wanted to send you a personal thank you for your efforts and the outstanding job you did with the T-99 event.
Many thanks,

- Robert Tabb, Parent, CyFair Lacrosse, 2007

Hi Coach:
This is a belated e-mail to say thanks for all the work you and the rest of the coaches did to organize and conduct the T-99 Combine in Houston earlier this month.  The boys really seemed to have a good time - despite all the heat.
The breakout sessions that you pulled together seemed to really differentiate this camp from others that we have been to.  I particularly enjoyed your session in the gym to explain the recruiting process to the parents.  It can be a pretty confusing subject - and its new to most of us.  Your input and "no nonsense" advice was appreciated.
Finally, I felt that T-99 lacked one of the problems that we had heard about with many camps where they seemed to be a forum for the boys to show off their individual skills - at the expense of teamwork.  I think you guys did a great job if keeping the focus on the right points.

- Mike Henke , Parent 2005

Dear Gerry,
Thank you for putting all of this together.  We thought it was great and such a wonderful opportunity for our boys to shine!  My son was approached by a Division I coach who asked him to consider his school and told him he could definitely play Division I.  That was such a great experience for him.
We would prefer that the event be held in Houston again next year because that is our home, so of course more convenient.  The only way that I can see to improve it would be to reduce the temperature by 20 degrees and the humidity by at least as much!  If you find a way to do that, let me in on it!
Thanks again,

- Ginger Dickson, Parent, 2005

Gerry -

Thanks for bringing the opportunity.  Your vision for Texas lacrosse is perhaps second to none!

Terry McCance, Parent, 2005

Good Morning Gerry,
I am certain this will be the first of many similar emails you will receive… 
Thank you for putting together a great experience for my son, Ryan O’Connor, and all the attendees of this past weekend’s T99 Camp. 
Good Luck to you and the team in Japan.

- Angie O’Connor, Parent, 2010

Our son, Trevor Atkins (Hillcrest Lacrosse) attended T99. We currently have two collegiate athletes, Zac who plays football at Sewanee and our daughter Avery, who will be playing soccer at Colgate this fall. We, obviously, have been through the recruiting process with both of them. I just wanted you to know that we were exceedingly impressed with your camp. *We felt that Trevor was given a fair opportunity to be evaluated for who he is as a lacrosse player and not based on the team name on his helmet. *The random nature of the formation of the teams truly give each athlete the most fair way to be evaluated. 
Actually, let me back up...To begin with, *you provided more assistance and instruction to our son not only about the logistics of the camp, but also about how to make the most of the camp and the opportunities.* I don't know if others can appreciate /how much/ guidance you gave them, but in our past experiences we had to learn everything on our own with little or no help from coaches (especially in the case of football...our coaches did not do ANYTHING) it was every athlete for themselves.

Unless, of course, you are a Rivals 100. We had no clue even where to begin! When we invited them into the process they, basically, were too busy to help. *I really appreciate that you give the lacrosse players recruiting from the perspective of the college coaches.**One of the most positive aspects of T99 was that you kept your word about the caliber and quantity of college coaches in attendance!* This was our son's first experience at a recruiting camp, so we didn't know what to expect. *You may pass along to those coaches who attended, our gratitude for granting respect to our athletes by coming to T99.* It does SO MUCH for the growth and interest in the sport.  
Thank you for all of the effort, planning, and consideration you gave to T99 and the coaches and athletes in attendance.

- Yvette Atkins, Parent, 2009


Thanks again for the invite and the help to come down for the showcase. I thought it was run very very well, dinner was great and you were right on the talent, there were a bunch of kids we liked. I look forward to coming down again next year.  

- Mike Morgan, Head Coach, Merrimack College

I first want to say thank you for all you are doing for the Texas Lacrosse community, I just wish you had started a couple years earlier so I could have taken advantage of the opportunity. But coming back as a coach and seeing that athletes that are typically under the radar are now getting some exposure is a great thing.

- Francis Donald, Nazareth College Coach, former TX HS Player


Thanks again for a terrific camp. The only lax camp with fajitas, guaranteed. And I appreciate your help with our selections for the P.Cup. 
See you soon.

- Timothy S. Perkins, Parent, 2009, Director, Patriot Cup


Thanks for a great T99 weekend.  I wanted to let you know that I thought the camp was exceptionally well run – check in was easy, games started on time & the information package was very helpful.  In particular, everyone representing the camp and Greenhill were friendly & knowledgeable, and made it a truly great experience. 
The issues you touched on in your email were ones that I would agree with.  The exception being that we really liked the smaller team size and the number of games the boys played.  That being said, heat was obviously a huge issue, and if I had any one recommendation, it would be to provide tents for shade for the boys on the sidelines.
Thanks again for a great camp!

- Laura Jeckovich, Parent, 2010